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Considering to the development in a world governed by information technology and e-services, which is an outcome of the need to accomplish the transactions easily and quickly, Deanship of IT and Distance Learning at PSAU has established a unified e-services portal. In order to reach all the e-services easily, the portal gives access to all e-services at one place.

The services portal that was inaugurated by Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Asimi Rector of PSAU is considered an integrated IT platform that serves the citizens, students, faculty members and employees. It provides more than 94 e-services aim to reduce time and efforts required to accomplish the transactions. Faculty members, students and employees are able to use the e-services by using the single-sign-on system, while the citizens are able to use it directly.

Moreover, the portal includes a section dedicated to the e-services portal news. This section informs the beneficiaries about the new e-services and e-services development. It is worth mentioning, the portal can be reached through the university’s main portal.​

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